Magnificent Islands are group of virtual islands situated within the Second Life universe.
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* Please note we are in no way associated with Second Life or Linden Lab.

Welcome To Magnificent Islands!

Our goal is to create a series of islands in Second Life, that are a safe environment for virtual kids and families to live, shop and play, free from drama and hassle. Perfect for those who wish to escape from sites with adult-oriented content.


Magnificent Islands

What can you offer me?

We have land parcels for sale or rent, full size sims, homestead sims, lite sims, shop rentals. Be sure to check out the Land Sales page.

I’m a visitor, what’s in it for me?

For the visitor, we offer a safe haven with lots of places to explore, like the forest in Alfheim; the caves on Goony island where you may encounter lost Goonies hunting for hidden treasure; ride the steam train in the Rascal sim; or visit the Second Life Children Learning Tree and learn about the virtual child community.

Maybe you feel like dancing and making new friends, you can visit The Vortex club in Whippersnapper, full of fun-filled entertainment hosted by live DJs and musicians. You could try sky diving, swimming, sailing, shopping, or watch YouTube videos on our mega-screen at the Whippersnapper Community Center. There is always plenty to do.